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Take a look through our various services and see where we can be of help to you or to your company. From different freight transportation solutions to warehousing & storage options, we’ve got you covered!


 With a friendly and professional team of agents always available, your goods are loaded and offloaded in no time and you can now follow our trucks along their journey.

Being one of our main transport solutions, we make use of several routes between DRC and RSA that allow us to remain agile regarding any volatility on the roads.

Did you Know: Road Freight – is one of the least work-intensive forms of transportation given its lower requirement of travel documentation. This also makes road transportation highly reliable and quite speedy in terms of cross-border clearance.


Looking for a faster transportation solution? Opt-in to air transportation services, where our relationships with great carriers go a long way in the safe travel of your goods.

Outside of being on average the fastest mode of transportation, air freight also allows room for a clear expectation of delivery given its reliable arrival and departures.

Did You Know: Air Freight – tends to be amongst the safest modes of transportation given that goods must be dropped off and cleared at airports, i.e. some of the most well-secured sites for transportation with rigorous checks performed throughout the process.


If looking to transport a much larger cargo load, potentially requiring a container, this is the cost-effective transport solution for you to do so, all in one go.

Whilst amongst the least utilised for commercial purposes, this mode of transportation is amongst the best for shipping a wide variety of goods, large and small. Shipping containers allow large volume transportation of goods ranging from commercial to large industrial goods.

Did You Know: Sea Freight is very economical at scale specifically for larger volumes as well as being the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation amongst the three options.


Are you a company looking for a forwarding agent that can take care of the logistics in working with carriers while you just ship from sender to recipient? Let us take care of all your freight forwarding and clearance needs (and all that paperwork).

Did You Know: When Freight Forwarding there are several types of movements Door-to-Door, Door-to-Port, Port-to-Door, and Port-to-Port Shipping. The 2 main types, firstly Door-to-Door: where the goods are picked up by the freight forwarder at the premises of the sender and dropped off at the premises of the recipient. Port-to-Port: where the goods are simply transferred from the sender’s hub (airport or ocean port) to the recipient’s hub.


Are you looking to purchase goods from South Africa to be shipped elsewhere, but don’t know where to start or what your best deal would be? Let us take that load off your back and take care of not just the transportation of your goods, but the purchase as well.

Sourcing & Procurement are some of the most important vertebrae to the backbone of Supply Chain & Logistics. Knowing where to search & source materials for personal or commercial uses is very important. This is then followed by procuring the goods, thus ensuring the pipeline is followed through to completion. One can go a step further by looking into the buyer’s experience of the product.


Looking for some short-to-long-term storage solutions for your goods? We also offer warehousing services for certain classes of goods. Let us know what you may need to store, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Did You Know: ZM Business Solutions in-houses our crate manufacturing so if you’re ever looking to store fragile goods, we can protect your goods before storage, so they can be ready for safe and immediate transportation once you’re ready!